Do you want to become a ULM pilot? Flying is a passion that requires you to respect the local legislation.

Find all the reference information on the website of the General Aerial Transport Directorate or GATD.


To obtain a training license:

Be at least 16 years old and send the following documents to the GATD:

  • A valid "certificate of good conduct" obtained less than one month ago and including the mention “for the benefit of the administration”

  • If you’re still a minor: written permission from your legal representative whose signature has been legalized

  • A copy of a medical certificate (class 4) delivered by a legal aeronautics doctor. This certificate states that the applicant is physically and mentally able to fly an aircraft. This certificate has a 5 year validity for pilots under than 40 years old and of 2 years for pilots over 40.

  • 2 recent passport photographs

  • Proof of payment for the training licence and the personal flight logbook. The amount of the payment is indexed on a yearly basis (exact amount to be asked by e-mail) and must be wired to the following account: BE51 6792 0060 2262

  • The “training license” has a 24 month validity, starting on the day of the medical examination. It can be renewed for the same duration.

These documents must be sent to:

Service public fédéral Mobilité et Transports

Centre Communication Nord, 2e étage

Rue du Progrès 80, bte 5

1030 Bruxelles

With your training license you can:

  • Fly with dual controls with your instructor;

  • Fly local solo flights,once your instructor has approved you flying solo you can , under instructor monitoring;

  • Fly solo navigation flights after at least two navigation flights with, after instructor approval.

Obtaining your ULM License

You’ll have to pass the following exams to obtain your ULM license:

  • A theoretical exam about the rules and regulations      

  • Prove your theoretical knowledge (aerodynamics, weather knowledge and flying techniques) and practical skills to an examinator


For the practical examination you’ll have to pass the following tests:

  • An overland flight between two points at least 35 km apart

  • 10 take-offs and landings

  • Land within 20m of a target

  • Land within 30m of a target, with the engine running in idle

  • Stall

Once you’ve obtained your flying license you’ll be allowed to fly by yourself.


Before you can take a passenger with you, you must:

  • Have flown by yourself for at least 30 hours (10 if you already have a private airplane flying license)

  • Have your instructor confirm (by mention in your flight log book) that you’ve shown the necessary flying skills to transport passengers.